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Chai Masala Infused Honey - Mini


Chai Masala Infused Honey

Our chai-infused honey is made from a unique blend of star anise, cardamom, cinnamon and a few other secrets to make this infusion pack a vibrant flavour. When combined with pure unpasteurized Eastern Ontario honey its sweet, light flavour has been described as “summertime in your mouth”.

How do we use it?

Drizzled over desserts like ice cream and brownies or breakfasts like waffles and pancakes. Added to coffee, hot teas, and hot chocolate. When blended with your favourite crushed berries and vinaigrette, it becomes a wonderful salad dressing.


This is our 150g size jar which is a third of our regular 500g. Perfect size to add to a gift basket or to sample the flavour.