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Hot Sauce by Saucy B Sauces


Saucy B Sauces use only the freshest ingredients, carefully-selected spices and no preservatives to create a perfect blend of FLAVOUR first, then heat. Their recipe ideas are inspired by our friends, family, and customers.

Baby B-Sting by Saucy B Sauces

Made with mini peppers and garlic. Baby B-Sting is intended for those that don't "think" they like hot sauce. It's all flavour, no heat. We dare you to try it. C'mon, don't be a baby! Vegan, Gluten-free and keto-friendly. Heat rating: mild

Ghost of Beer'i-Beer'i by Saucy B Sauces
Made with ghost peppers and beer. Not for the faint of heart.

Ghost of Beer'i-Beer'i is inspired by Portuguese Pir'i-Pir'i sauce, but the beer and intense heat take it to a whole new level. Are you ready for the "boos"?Vegan and Keto-friendly. Heat rating: inferno