Fur Baby 2.0


Your babies have four legs, not two. All our gift sets are customizable to suit your taste.


Enjoy all the same items from Fur Baby but with a First Aid Kit for Dogs made by Pawramedics worth over $30.


500g Honey by Bee Savvy Honey

Your choice of our plain honey or infused. Choose between Plain, Hot Pepper, Cinnamon, Citrus, Turmeric and Ginger, Vanilla, Espresso or Chai Infused. All of our honey is unpasturized and the plain is safe for dogs.


Lotion Bar or Beard Balm by Bee Savvy Honey

Choose between our popular Farm Hand Lotion Bar - the lotion that doesn't get you messy but mositurizes so well or our new Beard Balm. Both the Beard Balm and our Farm Hand combine an earthy blend of essential oils providing a rich aroma of cedarwood, patchouli, nutmeg and bergamot.


Paw Balm 4oz

Availalbe in unscented or lavender + mint. Our paw balm is made with coconut oil, olive oil and beeswax - all heathly ingredients that can be ingested. 


Benny Bullys Liver Treats 80g

The original single ingredients pet treat. With no additivies, fillers, colouring or preservatives. 

  • Single ingredient: pure beef liver
  • Made in Canada


First Aid Kit by Pawramedics

The perfect First Aid kit for dog walks and summer adventures!Contains everything you'd want or need in an emergency, plus more!- Gloves- Gauze pads- Triangular bandage- Cohesive Elastic Bandage (Similar to VetWrap)- First Aid tape- Alcohol pads, cleaning wipes, and Anti-sting pads- Roller gauze bandages- Scissors- Metal tweezers- Whistle- Safety pins- CPR Masks and bandages . Includes tick twister. 


Lip Balm by Bee Savvy Honey

We'll surprise you with one of our most popular lip balm.

Paw Balm
Honey 500g
Farm Hand or Beard Balm
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