Sweet and Saucy


500g Honey by Bee Savvy Honey

Your choice of our plain honey or infused. Choose between Plain, Hot Pepper, Cinnamon, Citrus, Turmeric and Ginger, Vanilla, Espresso or Chai Infused.


Hot Sauce by Saucy B Sauces or 

Classic Ketchup by The Ketchup Project

Local small-batch, artisanal hot sauces made by Saucy B Sauces. Choose between Baby B-Sting or Ghost of Beer'i-Beer'i. Baby B-Sting is intended for those that don't "think" they like hot sauce. It's all flavour, no heat. Ghost of Beer'i-Beer'i is inspired by Portuguese Pir'i-Pir'i sauce, but the beer and intense heat take it to a whole new level.


Artisanal Ketchup? Ummmm heck yes. Trained and raised in Waterloo, Ontario, Chef David Schaub spent a decade learning his craft in the area’s restaurants, caterers, and butcher shop. The Ketchup Project to offer a new experience and to help elevate the food we eat everyday, to put a smile on the faces of our customers and to hopefully surprise and maybe even convert a few people along the way.

Lotion Bar or Beard Balm by Bee Savvy Honey

Choose between our popular Farm Hand Lotion Bar - the lotion that doesn't get you messy but mositurizes so well or our new Beard Balm. Both the Beard Balm and our Farm Hand combine an earthy blend of essential oils providing a rich aroma of cedarwood, patchouli, nutmeg and bergamot.


Fleur de Sel 70% by Hummingbird Chocolate

Single Origin, Dominican Republic Cacao, 70% Dark Chocolate. Their Hispaniola 70% blended with Vancouver Island Salt Co. sea salt. Berry Good + Salty Tang.Fleur de Sel 70% by Hummingbird Chocolate. They are craft chocolate makers. Sourcing of quality cacao beans to a deep commitment to the farmers who cultivate the beans, they have great respect for people who make food, from grower to artisan. With much care, they handcraft chocolate from their small workshop in beautiful Almonte, Ontario


Lip Balm by Bee Savvy Honey

We'll surprise you with one of our most popular lip balm.


Honey 500g
Farm Hand or Beard Balm
Hot Sauce or Ketchup
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