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100g Medium Roast by Snark Coffee


100g Medium Roast by Snark Coffee

Like a true Costa Rican, this is balanced, restrained with a clean finish. It is straightforward, softly acidic and mild with lots of coffee flavour. You'll taste a caramelized sweetness mixed with smoky, dark fruit. There are bittersweet chocolate flavours with a citric acidity when it's pulled as an espresso. This is a beautiful mid-day brew. 

The ideal coffee growing conditions in Costa Rica- fertile soil, high altitude and a cool climate - have contributed to coffee's successful cultivation. The Costa Rica government capitalized on the economic impact of this crop, offering free land to coffee farmers in the 19th century. During this time, production skyrocketed with coffee exports surpassing tobacco, sugar and cacao.  

Today, Costa Rica is the world's 13th largest coffee producer. Small farmers play a large role in this production; nearly 90% of all producers cultivate less than 5 hectares. 

Organic Medium Roast