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Queso Oveja al Romero


An artisan sheep’s milk cheese made in the style of Manchego. However this little beauty is rubbed with Rosemary. Produced in the same area as Manchego, this cheese has been around for as long as Manchego and the families adhere to their tradition of rubbing the cheese with Iberic lard and Rosemary as the cheese matures, and when flavours have been absorbed by the cheese it is brushed off and more herbs are rubbed into the cheese.

Even though this cheese is reminiscent of another cheese the flavours and maturing process is quite different, softening the interior of the cheese and yet intensifying with Rosemary flavours.

Neither creamy nor firm but more like a dense fudge as it softens on the palate and the lingering Rosemary notes on the back of the palate are quite refreshing.