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Lime Bitters by Really Horrible Enterprises

Cocktail culture has come back in a big way. Everyone wants to be able to make their own cocktails at home, but to do that you need a variety of different bitters. It isn't enough to use one kind.

They also list these as a COOKING bitter. If you put your nose to it, these are really intense flavour extracts that lend themselves well in the kitchen for both cooking and baking. They've toned the bitterness down quite a bit to make them more flexible. An extension of the spice cupboard, if you will.

Exotic Lime - I can't believe how well this one turned out. The lime is so very fresh and bright on the nose and comes through very well on the tongue. It is a welcome addition to many different cocktails needing a bright finish.

Each bottle is 118ml (2 oz) and has an orifice reducer to better control the volume of output.