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Local Love Gift Set


All of the products in this gift set are made within a few kilometers of each other. Our free shipping is for orders of $65 and more, feel free to add a few more items to your gift box.

500g Honey by Bee Savvy Honey

Your choice of our plain honey or infused. Choose between Plain, Hot Pepper, Cinnamon, Citrus, Turmeric and Ginger, Vanilla, Espresso or Chai Infused.

Lotion Bar by Bee Savvy Honey

Choose between our six popular lotion bars, the lotion that doesn't get you messy but moisturizes so well or our other five lotion bar scents. 

Fleur de Sel 70% by Hummingbird Chocolate

Single Origin, Dominican Republic Cacao, 70% Dark Chocolate. Their Hispaniola 70% blended with Vancouver Island Salt Co. sea salt. Berry Good + Salty Tang.

Coffee Beans (100g) by Snark Roastery

A sampler 100g coffee bag featuring an organic medium roast.

Lip Balms by Bee Savvy Honey

We'll surprise you with two of our most popular lip balms.